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Frequestly Asked Questions

​How Do I Get A Quote Or Place An Order?

You can call or email us for a quote or to order.



​Can I Reorder A Design I Have Previously Ordered?

Yes.  If you have your previous order saved in the Saved Designs section, you can reorder in a few simple steps.


Will You Ship My Order Without Payment?

Unless you have used a PO, your order will not be shipped without full payment. We do require resolution of any payment issues (e.g. additional garment or ship costs, bad payment information) before we ship your order. We will always contact you if there is a problem.

Do You Ship Internationally?

Yes. We ship all international orders utilizing U.S. Air Mail. International Orders require a physical street address and phone number. We are required to provide a commercial invoice for all International Orders. Deliveries will not be made on Weekends or holidays. The shipping time for international Postal Air Mail orders usually takes 5 to 30 business days depending on the country of destination. Please check with your local post office or customs office if you have not yet received your package.

Please Note: International orders may also be required to pay additional duty fees depending on the country of destination. Please check with customs officials within your country. We are not responsible for any customs fees, nor can we accept a package (or have a package returned to the United States) that is stuck in customs.

When Will I Receive My Order?

Most of our orders are completed within 12 business days. If your order will be shipped, that time is additional.


Non-embellished items must be returned to the store, with tags, within 15 days from purchase.  All custom orders are non-refundable.  Embellished items purchased from the store front are non-refundable.  ***Please try on clothes for sizing before you purchase!

I Need Help With The Design Studio.

Add Text - Adding text to a design is easy. Simply Click on the "Add Text" button in the Design Studio. This will create an "Insert Text Here" window to open where you can type the text you want to appear on the garment. 

Edit Text - To edit text on a design, first select the text by clicking on it. This will open the properties box. You can change the text, font, color, spacing, etc., from the properties box. 

Add Clip Art - To add Clip Art to your design, start by clicking on the "Clip Art" button in the Design Studio. A list of Clip Art categories will appear. Click on a category and the clip art for that category will appear. Click on the desired Clip Art and it will appear on your garment. You can now move, resize, rotate and align your Clip Art. You can also upload your own Clip Art by clicking the "Upload Image" button in the Design Studio.

Edit Art - To edit artwork on a design, first select the artwork by clicking on it. This will open the properties box. You can change the art, direction or color from the properties box. 

Delete Art or Text - To remove art or text from your design, click on the element you wish to delete on the template image or in the layers section. This will select the elements layer. Click on the "Delete" button to delete the element from your design.

Change the Layer Order - To adjust the order of the layers, click on the "Edit Layers" button in the Design Studio. Select the layer of that element in the layers section. Click on the up or down arrow in the layers section to move that layer up or down in the stack.

Scale Art or Text - To make the art or text in a design bigger or smaller, start by clicking on the element you want to resize. When an element is selected, white boxes (handles) appear on the corners of the outlined element. By clicking on one of the white handles and holding the mouse button down, you can move the mouse to scale the element.

Position a Design On The Garment - To change the position of a design on a garment click on design or element in a design. This will select that design or element. Simply hold the mouse button down and move the design or element to a new location on your garment.

***Any additional questions or for help please give us a call. We are here to help.

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